Tindora (500g)


Tindora, botanically classified as Coccinia grandis, is a vigorous, tropical climbing vine that can grow up to ten centimeters per day and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Tindora has several other common vernacular names that vary by region including Dondakaya, Scarlet gourd, Ivy gourd, Kovakka, Tendli, and Tondi. Though Tindora is a favored ingredient in Indian cooking, it is also considered an aggressive invasive species in other parts of the world as it grows dense foliage smothering other plants. Tindora is favored for its crunchy texture and is utilized in heavily spiced dishes to add a cooling, mild flavor.

Tindora is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, and beta-carotene. It is also known for its toxin eliminating properties and can help clean the bloodstream.

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